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With a mix of activities, this workshop will show how learners are already creating and remixing material within Wikipedia, and take participants through some of the steps in designing an educational activity around the research resources in their subject area. It will look at specific examples, and realistically set out the advantages and pitfalls.

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Key topics
  • Overview of Wikipedia and Wikimedia
  • How Wikimedia is central to the global Open Education movement
  • Writing a student assignment versus writing an online encyclopedia
  • Wikipedia and research impact
  • Notability: what you can and can't write about on Wikimedia sites
  • Case studies of university assignments
  • Journal to Wiki and Wiki to Journal publication
  • Practicalities of running and assessing an assignment
Course information
Intended audience Academic staff and learning designers
Prior knowledge None
Format Presentation with practical exercises
Further information Wikipedia does not just aim to provide free knowledge to everyone in the world: it actively invites everyone to contribute. It sees the public not just as recipients but as potential creators and remixers of its text, images and other media. At the same time, it seeks credibility and expects to cite the most reliable sources in each subject. Educational assignments on Wikipedia, or its sister sites, are a chance for students to experience publication, to create their own educational materials. Dozens of universities are now setting assignments in which students improve Wikipedia, in effect creating their own textbook.
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Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: This session is part of the annual Engage series - it may not be repeated.