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Sending email to one person is easy, but if you're sending to lots of people there are multiple options: depending on who will use the group, who is in it, how you want to process responses, as well as how you want to manage it. This talk helps you understand which is most appropriate to your needs.

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Key topics
  • Group-mailing concepts
  • Benefits, limitations, best practice for each tool
  • Outlook contact groups
  • Mail lists
  • Distribution groups
  • A simple group in Outlook?
  • A formal web-managed mail list?
  • Or an Exchange distribution group?
Course information
Intended audience Anyone who needs to email a group of people and is unsure about the best way to do so
Prior knowledge No prior knowledge required.
Format Presentation only
Further information Look at the help guides at
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Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: This session is part of the annual Do: series - it may not be repeated.