Course Details and Schedule

WebLearn is what is known as a ‘virtual learning environment’, but it can be used for research, collaboration and administration. WebLearn offers various ‘tools’ to facilitate communication, file sharing and the provision of information or particular items of content.

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Key topics
  • Getting started
  • Requesting space in WebLearn
  • Where to find help and support
  • Site Management and Resources tools
  • A brief look at the Surveys and Signup tools
Course information
Intended audience Any admins, researchers or staff, to learn about having a space in WebLearn under their own control
Prior knowledge No previous experience of making or designing web sites
Software n/a
Format Presentation only
Further information About WebLearn
Where next? Visit the do: blog to read about the talks that are on offer this term and the WebLearn Guidance site

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: This session is part of the annual Do: series - it may not be repeated.