Course Details and Schedule

We offer bookable 45-minute slots where you can bring along your course handbooks and problems and we will be available to guide you through the work. We will help you to understand the course material more thoroughly and show you where you can apply it. The sessions are not intended for specific problems that go significantly beyond the course you attended. For specific problems we recommend coming along on a more advanced course, or contacting the IT Services Help Centre. We are not able to support all the software we teach as some specialists are not available for every session; it is important that you complete the additional information section identifying the course and software that you would like support for and we will get back to you if a specialist is unavailable.

See below for course schedule

Course information
Intended audience Anyone who has attended an ITLP course and requires help with practicing their IT skills. Unfortunately we are unable to support all software packages we teach.
Prior knowledge Attendance on the relevant course
Resources Please bring relevant ITLP course notes with you
Software Various software is available
Format Self-study with teacher present
Further information Please complete the additional information section in your "Courses Basket" to let us know the software and topic you would like to work on. You can contact us by email:

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: Every term. Express an interest in future dates for this course.