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One of the benefits of Outlook is the ability to share your Outlook 2013 online information with your colleagues within the University. This information can be in the form of contact/distribution lists, calendar(s), and even your mailbox, so others can act on your behalf to accept/create meetings/appointments and reply to your messages. This three-hour session explains it all.

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Key topics
  • Inviting others to share your Outlook information
  • Accepting sharing invitations and viewing folders
  • How to share your folders with others
  • Granting delegate access to your information
  • Add the mailbox of another person to your account
  • Working with delegated folders
Course information
Intended audience Users who want to share Outlook folders and are already familiar with using Outlook 2013.
Prior knowledge Nexus: An introduction to Outlook 2013
Resources A course book will be loaned to you during the session
Software Outlook 2013
Format Presentation with practical exercises
Taught using:
Windows 7

Course provider: IT Learning Programme

What you will need:


Frequency: Every term. Express an interest in future dates for this course.