Course Details and Schedule

This module is for those with no programming experience who either want/need to take one of our programming courses, or who are just curious about some of the concepts involved in programming.

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Key topics
  • What is a program?
  • What is a computer language?
  • How do we get computers to do what we want?
  • What is data?
  • How do programs reflect the real world?
Course information
Intended audience Those with no programming background who are considering learning a computer language
Prior knowledge No previous knowledge of computers or programming is assumed
Resources A course book must be purchased when you attend the course (included in the Cost below)
Software None
Format Presentation, practical exercises and some group work
Where next? Programming courses
Taught using:
Windows 7

Course provider: IT Learning Programme

What you will need:

No computer is needed. You can bring your own device for note taking (read our guidance first)


Frequency: Every term. Express an interest in future dates for this course.