Course Details and Schedule

Perl is a stable, cross platform programming language that is used in many computer systems around the world for web programming, database manipulation, text processing, and system administration. This three-session module will teach you the basics of the language.

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Key topics
  • Sequence, selection and repetition
  • Strings and arrays
  • Reading and writing data from files
  • Regular expressions
  • Hash tables
  • The Perl Archive Network Database (CPAN)
  • Subroutines
Course information
Intended audience This is an introductory course in Perl programming for those who are learning to program for the first time or have limited experience using other high-level scripting languages (e.g. R, MATLAB, Python).
Prior knowledge Basic knowledge of any standard Linux operating system (e.g. Ubuntu/Fedora) and some programming concepts is assumed. Attendees should attend Linux: A comprehensive introduction and Programming: Concepts where they lack prerequisite knowledge.
Resources A course book must be purchased when you attend the course (included in the Cost below)
Software Linux, Perl
Format Presentation with practical exercises
Where next? Programming: MySQL introduction
Taught using:
Linux (Ubuntu)

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: This course runs once a year subject to teacher availability. Express an interest in future dates for this course.