Course Details and Schedule

In this course you will first learn some simple command line programming with basic flow control in Java. We then move on to Object Oriented Programming with classes and objects and see how these programming concepts relate directly to real life objects, their attributes and behaviours.

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Key topics
  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Fundamental data types
  • Methods
  • Classes and objects
  • Arrays and vectors
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Introduction to polymorphism
Course information
Intended audience Anyone who wants a gentle introduction to object oriented programming (OOP) using Java.
Prior knowledge A basic understanding of the concepts of programming, as in the Programming: Concepts course
Resources A course book must be purchased when you attend the course (included in the Cost below)
Software Eclipse IDE for java Developers (
Format Presentation with practical exercises
Further information Lunch and refreshments will be provided.The fee for this course must be paid in advance. The non-refundable portion of this fee is £15. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.
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Taught using:
Windows 7

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: This course runs once a year subject to teacher availability. Express an interest in future dates for this course.