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What do the percentage matches mean? What about direct citations? Should I include bibliographies in the similarity index? This lunchtime session covers viewing and navigating Turnitin Originality Reports. (Note that critical reading and further action based on the data in the report depend on your discipline, department or faculty and are not included in a generic session.)

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Key topics
  • A little about plagiarism and interpretation
  • Turnitin overview
  • Navigating the Originality Report
  • Video examples
  • Lessons learned
  • Where to find support
Course information
Intended audience Lecturers, tutors, postgraduate tutors, who are new or recent users of Turnitin (not intended for students)
Resources Brief notes are supplied at no charge
Software Browser:Internet Explorer , Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Format Presentation only
Further information The content of this session is included in "Plagiarism: Turnitin fundamentals", so anyone who has attended that course need NOT attend this one.
Where next? Plagiarism: Turnitin Fundamentals; Plagiarism: WebLearn and Turnitin

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: Every term. Express an interest in future dates for this course.