Course Details and Schedule

Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world. This 3-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to online presence and also gives a supported environment for you to plan, create, and add to your own projects.

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Key topics
  • What is Online Presence
  • An overview of the major themes
  • How do I start building online presence?
  • The major outlets
  • Phases of engagement
  • Strategies to manage my presence
Course information
Intended audience Anyone who wants to promote an interest using social media and online communication skills.
Resources A course book must be purchased when you attend the course (included in the Cost below)
Format Presentation and discussion
Further information The workshop section will be an opportunity for you to work on your own projects. So please bring any content including text, images, audio and video that you may wish to use.
Taught using:
Windows 7

Course provider: IT Learning Programme

What you will need:

Computer and software are provided. There is limited space for any device you use for note taking.


Frequency: Every term. Express an interest in future dates for this course.