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This introductory course looks at how people actually read copy online and how you need to prepare, write and edit your copy to meet that reality. The course is editorial rather than technical in emphasis and will cover the principles and techniques involved in getting text right for an online environment. You are encouraged to bring in examples of your own work in order to put together your own strategy for writing online copy that works.

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Key topics
  • Knowing your users
  • Style guides
  • Principles of web writing
  • Editorial styles and formats
  • The art of webifying
  • Language skills
Course information
Prior knowledge You need no previous web writing experience
Resources A course book must be purchased when you attend the course (included in the Cost below)
Format Presentation with practical exercises
Further information This is a practical course and as such does not cover graphic design, structuring your website and technical issues. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The fee for this course must be paid in advance. The non-refundable portion of this fee is £67.50. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

This course is taught by an external expert.

Course provider: IT Learning Programme


Frequency: Every term subject to teacher availability. Express an interest in future dates for this course.