1. Cancelling online

Please notify us immediately if you cannot attend a course as there is often someone on a waiting list. Ideally, we would like at least three full working days notice as this gives someone else enough notice to attend . However, if you cannot attend at the last minute please still let us know as we can often still fill these places.

Please note if you book courses and repeatedly do not turn up and do not cancel your bookings we reserve the right to ask for payment of the course fees in advance.

The most efficient way to cancel your booking is using our on-line course booking system.

Follow the steps below:

  • Find the policy box on the left of this page
  • Click on My Account and login in using your Oxford Account
  • Find the course(s) you wish to cancel and tick in the cancel box
  • Click on Cancel selected courses

1.1. By email

Email us at courses@it.ox.ac.uk

1.2. By phone

Call (2)73200 (select option 2)

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