There is a charge for ITLP course resources and some external trainers.

For most courses, payment must be made on the first day of the course. On some occasions we will require payment in advance.

The charge for each course is indicated in the course description.

There is no charge for Bodleian Libraries course resources.

Course registration will be open 15 minutes before the start of each course to take payments.

** Note: from April 2016 we are no longer accepting payment by cash. **

We take payment for courses in the following three ways:

1. Card Payment

Our card terminals can accept debit/credit cards (except American Express). You can choose between Chip and PIN (any amount) and contactless payment (if your card is enabled and up to a maximum of £30).

2. Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be accepted from Departments and Colleges in payment for your course. You can include multiple courses and several attendees on a single purchase order.

Please note the following:

  1. Purchase orders should be made out to IT Services, Dartington House, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD
  2. It is helpful if you include "ITLP Courses" in the details so that our Finance Team can easily pass your PO to us.
  3. Please list the details on the Purchase Order. For example:
    • ITLP Courses - Word: Building long documents, 2 April, Jane Smith
    • Presentations: Presentation design, 3 April, Jane Smith and Tom Brown
  4. Please let us know the number of your Purchase Order either by emailing or bring it with you when you attend the course.
  5. If you are an Administrator who has a number of staff attending courses please contact us to discuss the best way to make the payment by Purchase Order.

3. Journals

Payment for a course can be made by Journal (internal transfer). Please email the information below to

Journal payments will be initiated by the IT Services on receipt of the information below. Please ensure that the journal is fully authorized prior to sending us details as the journal will be passed without seeking further approval. Details required are:

  • Cost Centre
  • Natural Account
  • Activity code
  • SOF
  • ORG

We will also need the email address of a member of your Finance team to contact in case of queries.

For each journal payment we will need details of the courses it covers, for example:

  • ITLP Courses - Databases: Building a database using Access, 11 Feb, Jane Smith £9.00
  • Spreadsheets: Advanced data analysis, 24 Feb, Jane Smith and Tom Brown £18.00

4. Cheque Payments

If you are unable to pay by card, Purchase Order or Journal we can still accept cheques in certain circumstances; please contact if you would like to pay by cheque.

5. Courses Requiring Pre-payment

Some courses require pre-payment and you will be notified by email of details of how to do this. We will offer the facility of payment by credit/debit card via the online shop, Purchase Order or Journal.

6. Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions for more details about payments and our refund policy.