1. Scheduled Courses - Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to the scheduled ITLP Programme and Bodleian courses only. Most terms and conditions are the same for both training providers, but where there is variation this is noted in the text below. If you are not sure which provider is running a particular course look for “Provider” under “Course information” in the relevant course description.

Please note the following:

There are separate terms and conditions for Closed/Bespoke Courses, External Expert Courses and bookings made by non-university members.

Please see the separate usage policy for Lynda.com.

Separate booking arrangements, terms and conditions are in place for University Business Systems training courses. If you have queries about business systems courses please go to the Business Systems training pages.

1.1. Enquries


Please use the contact page.


Please email: usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

1.2. Definitions

In these terms and conditions:
  • “ITLP” means IT Learning Programme
  • “Courses Office” means the ITLP Courses Office at IT Services
  • “Applicant” means an individual who has submitted a booking form for a course
  • “Participant” means an individual who has a confirmed place on a course
  • “Booking form” means the booking form in the online course booking system at http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk
  • “In Writing” means by letter/email/fax

1.3. Booking procedure

Applicants should complete the booking form.

Bookings must be made by the applicant. If a course place is required for another applicant please contact the ITLP courses office.

Booking normally opens 30 days before the course begins. Places cannot normally be reserved before a course opens for booking.

By completing the booking form applicants are agreeing to the cancellation terms and conditions of booking.

1.4. Booking confirmation

Acknowledgement of the booking will be sent via email to the address attached to your Oxford Single Sign On.

1.5. Joining Instructions

Joining instructions will be sent via email prior to the course. Course participants can also sign up for text message reminders.

1.6. Eligibility

ITLP courses can be booked by all current members of Oxford University.

Arrangements are in places that allow OUP staff to attend ITLP courses.

If you are not a member of the University and you are interested in ITLP courses, in some circumstances it may be possible for you to attend, subject to availability of course places. For external applicants there is a different charging structure, terms and conditions and booking procedures. We will advise you of these when you make your enquiry. Please contact us.

Bodleian Libraries courses are open to all current members of Oxford University and to holders of Bodleian Libraries’ reader cards. However, applicants with Bodleian reader card status are not able to book using the online booking system. Please email usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

1.7. Prerequisites

Applicants must ensure that they have attained any prerequisite knowledge as set out in the course description.

1.8. Charging

There is a charge for ITLP course resources and some external trainers, which is listed in the details for each course.

For most courses, payment must be made on the first day of the course. On some occasions we will require payment in advance (see our policy on refunds).

1.9. Payment methods

Payment can be made by:
  • Cheque (payable to Oxford University)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Purchase Orders and Journals can be organised

Further information is available on our payments page.

1.10. Managing Bookings

Participants can manage their bookings entirely online using My Account. The following features are available:
  • Check courses you have booked and status of booking (confirmed/waiting list)
  • Cancel a booking
  • History of course attendance
  • Sign up for optional text reminders
  • Pick up an iCal file for use in Nexus calendar
  • Check and amend your course notifications

1.11. Transfers

If a participant cannot attend a course it is possible to transfer the booking to another course if a suitable course with places is scheduled.

1.12. Substitutions

Substitutions may be made by contacting the ITLP Course Office prior to the course. This must be done to ensure that records are up-to-date and that attendance certificates/registers can be produced correctly.

1.13. Waiting lists

If a course is full applicants can join a waiting list. Applicants should cancel their waiting list place if at any stage it is no longer required.

Applicants will be contacted by email if a place becomes available. Places sometimes become available at short notice due to late cancellation by participants. We are aware, and regret, that last minute notification of a course place may not be helpful to all.

If a place does not become available we will notify you by email when this course is scheduled again.

1.14. Record of Attendance

An online record of course bookings is also available in My Account.

A receipt/certificate will be issued to attendees who attend half-day, full-day and multi-session courses. Certificates are not normally issued for one-hour sessions and courses run by the Bodleian Libraries.

The certificate of attendance can be used as part of an attendee’s personal development portfolio as a record of skills development.

It is the responsibility of course participants to ensure that records of their course attendance are obtained before they leave the University as it is not always possible to supply these retrospectively.

1.15. Missing Course Attendance Certificates

During the current term

If the course participant did not receive or pick up their certificate during the current term these can usually be provided by contacting courses@it.ox.ac.uk and sent out via the Messenger Service.

Replacement Certificates

Replacement certificates can generally be provided if the appropriate records are still available. The cost per replacement certificate is £5 plus applicable postage costs (certificates are sent via recorded delivery). These charges need to be paid before the certificate is re-issued and sent. Enquires for replacement certificates will be answered within 5 working days of the request.

1.16. Cancellations and Attendance

If at any stage a participant finds that he/she cannot attend a course the course place must be cancelled. Ideally, at least three full working days’ notice should be given as this gives another applicant enough notice to attend.

Please note that if a person repeatedly fails to attend courses they have booked, ITLP reserves the right to ask for payment of the course fees in advance.

1.17. Cancellation of a course place by a participant

Course places can be cancelled online using My Account.

However, if a participant cannot attend at the last minute he/she must still contact the courses office as we can often still fill the place. In these circumstances, please contact us.

Please note that if a participant repeatedly fails to cancel bookings that they do not attend, ITLP reserves the right to ask for payment of the course fees in advance.

1.18. Cancellation of a course by the course provider (ITLP or Bodleian)

On occasion, unforeseen circumstances may require ITLP or Bodleian to cancel a course. In such circumstances the course providers will give as much notice as possible and endeavour to organise another course date. If this is not possible any fees paid will be refunded, but no compensation will be paid for any additional costs incurred.

1.19. Refunds

For a limited number of courses full payment is required in advance. The following refund policy is applicable for these courses.

Where notice of cancellation is received we will refund a proportion of the course fee as follows. The non-refundable portion of the course fee (advised at the time of booking) cannot be reimbursed.

Note: the periods reference the day on which we receive your written notification of cancellation.

Notice Period% of refund
More than 14 working days before the start date 100% of the refundable portion
7-14 working days before the start date 50% of the refundable portion
Less than 7 working days before the start date 0%

1.20. Non Attendance

If a participant fails to attend a course then the course fee will remain payable in full.

1.21. Accessibility

Information about special arrangements for our courses is available on our accessibility page.

1.22. Location

The location of each course is listed in the schedule section of the course description and in the confirmation and reminder emails. Most courses take place at IT Services, 13 Banbury Rd, however locations do vary so please do make careful note of the location of the course you are attending.

1.23. Arrival

Participants should arrive 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time. This will ensure you have sufficient time to register and to take your place.

1.24. Late Arrivals

Courses start promptly at the advertised time. If participants are more than 15 minutes late they may not be able to join the course. If you are delayed and know you are likely to be late please contact the ITLP Courses Office.

1.25. Course duration

If a participant is unable to stay for the duration of the course this must be discussed with the teacher.

1.26. Missed sessions

For multi-session courses, participants must attend all sessions. The certificate/receipt will be issued during the final session.

No refunds can be given for any missed sessions of a multi-session course.

1.27. Refreshments and lunch

Refreshments and lunch are not provided unless stated. There is however a refreshment area close to the Thames Suite lecture rooms at IT Services where there are hot and cold drink and snack vending machines. Facilities at other training venues vary. For more information please contact the training provider.

Note: no eating and drinking is permitted in the Thames Suite IT rooms or in Bodleian Libraries training rooms

1.28. Personal belongings

We cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or mislaid on University premises.

Any items found in the course registration area or Thames Suite rooms will be taken to lost property at reception.

1.29. Laptops and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Unless stated in the course description each participant will be provided with a computer with appropriate software and settings. If students are required to bring their own laptop/install software this will be stated in the course description. For courses where a class computer is provided, we recognise that participants may prefer to bring their own computer. Please see our guidelines on this.

1.30. Evaluation

Participants are sent an online evaluation survey after the course which allows anonymous feedback to be submitted. Anonymised comments may be used for advertising purposes.

1.31. Health and safety

No smoking is allowed in any part of the building. Participants must adhere to the University’s health and safety procedures and policies.

1.32. Privacy/Data Protection

Any personal details provided to the course providers will be processed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the University's Privacy Policy. They will be recorded on the course booking system and database and not used for any other purpose than enabling us to organise and market the ITLP and Bodleian Libraries programme and for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

For more information about our privacy policy and how we use data gathered via this website please read the privacy policy .

1.33. Copyright of Teaching Resources

Oxford University takes copyright seriously. Some of our materials are available under an open educational resource licensing agreement but others are not. Before reusing or distributing any of our materials please contact the ITLP Courses Office.

1.34. Video and Audio Recording

Participants should not record courses without prior consent of the teacher and the course providers.

From time to time the course providers may make video, audio, and still image recordings for educational and promotional use. If participants do not want to be included they should make their wishes known at the time.

In addition, the University of Oxford is committed to enhancing the student learning experience and it is with this purpose in mind that the University enables the recording of courses, lectures and seminars, to be accessed privately via WebLearn for study purposes.

Please be aware that the course or seminar you are attending may be recorded in audio or video format. This recording may be used by the University of Oxford for educational purposes and via WebLearn for learning reinforcement. The recordings are stored in the cloud in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

At no time will audience members be intentionally filmed or recorded. Audio pickup is limited by the reach of the boundary microphone in place on the desk; this may include some questions from the audience.

For more information, contact the ITLP Courses Office.

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